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    Francetic Tax Resolution is committed to providing relief for businesses and individuals who are struggling with the IRS. I help clients resolve problems with delinquent taxes, bank levies, payroll tax issues, and more.

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    No need to stress, I will listen and help you at every step of the way to fully resolve your IRS tax problems.

    We’ll work together to figure out an effective plan so you can get your finances back on track, without ever having to say a word to the IRS.

    I believe in always doing what is right for the client.

    It is my mission to do what’s right and, in my best efforts, relieve you from the IRS.

    I’ll guide you through a strategy that best fits your case and commit to deliver you with the best possible service. Rest assured, you don’t need to do it alone.

    Here is what I can help you with

    Wage garnishment is one of the hardest, most humiliating things the government can do to you. You’re working your butt off for every cent, and suddenly the government starts taking a bite out of each and every paycheck.

    More literally, wage garnishment is when the IRS orders your employer to withhold a portion of your paycheck until your debt is paid off. It can make it tough to live a normal life, even pay the bills. Your employer has no choice in the matter—and the IRS may seize as much as 75% of your pay.

    While it’s illegal for an employer to fire an employee due to wage garnishment, it never helped any employee for their boss to know about their tax problems.

    A wage garnishment release may be the solution.

    When a tax settlement with the IRS could sink your ship, if the taxes the IRS is assessing aren’t correct, or there’s little chance you can repay what the IRS says you owe, an “offer in compromise” (OIC) may be your best strategy.

    It’s not for everyone, but for those that can’t fully pay off their tax debt, an OIC can be a real lifesaver.

    In simple terms, an OIC is a crafted compromise that cuts down the total amount paid to the IRS—a lot. Often, it results in a payment of less than one-fourth the original debt.

    ​It’s an out-of-court agreement, created and approved by Congress to help taxpayers, and it stops IRS collections activities. In certain situations it’s the best way to resolve a tough situation.

    Read more about Offer In Compromise ➝

    When you’re experiencing an IRS levy, it can create an overwhelming feeling of panic and stress. I understand that the money the IRS is threatening to take is usually required for rent, food, a car payment or other urgent need. That’s why I make the release of a levy my priority.

    I regularly stop levies within 24 hours after you retain my services and I get a power of attorney to contact the IRS on your behalf.

    If you have a levy, it is important to act fast as there are time limits and additional requirements that the IRS can impose depending on your situation. Once the IRS collects a levy, the money cannot be recovered unless certain circumstances are met.

    Read more about Bank Levies ➝

    If you’re experiencing severe economic hardship—in other words, you really can’t pay the IRS anything—and still owe taxes, your debt may be deemed “currently not collectible.”

    Without disposable income or resources to pay tax debt, I may be able to qualify you for this CNC option, which halts all collection activities.

    Once your account is in CNC status, the IRS will not garnish your wages or come after your assets with liens or levies. However, the IRS can require yearly updates to your financial situation, to make sure you still qualify for CNC.

    Trying to assess whether or not you would qualify for CNC status is best done in partnership with an expert like myself, since such negotiations can be tricky. Interest and penalties, for example, can continue to grow while in CNC status. On the other hand, the IRS typically won’t go after an asset if you don’t have 20 percent equity in it, or if the cost of seizing it is more than it’s worth.

    Read more about Currently Not Collectible ➝

    IRS installment agreements or plans are one of the most common ways taxpayers resolve debts with the IRS. While common, they can also be tricky.

    Installment agreements, also known as negotiated payment plans, are the preferred payment option compared to enforced collections like a Wage Garnishment, Bank Levy or IRS Seizure. There are different types of agreements, including streamlined, guaranteed and partial pay.

    In some cases, extenuating circumstances can mean it’s best to negotiate the total amount of the debt before setting up an installment agreement. Also, it’s important that I negotiate an installment agreement you can really pay each month.

    Read more about Installment Agreements ➝

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