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If you’re looking for a trucking tax specialist — You’re in the right place. Our mission is to guide truck drivers and trucking companies through their tax challenges with personalized, industry-specific solutions.

Trucking Taxes Can Get Complicated.

Truck drivers navigate more than just the vast highways of the country; they also face a complex landscape of tax regulations and potential pitfalls that can lead to significant IRS problems.

The irregular schedules and long hours inherent to trucking often result in missed deadlines for filing or paying taxes, accumulating penalties and interest over time. Furthermore, the obligation to report all forms of income, including bonuses and certain per diem allowances, if not handled correctly, can lead to underreporting and subsequent IRS actions.

For independent contractors, the requirement to pay quarterly estimated taxes adds another layer of complexity, with penalties for underpayment looming for those who miscalculate.

Why is a Trucking Tax Specialist Critical?

Given these many challenges, the value of a trucking tax specialist becomes clear. A specialist with expertise in the trucking industry not only understands the unique financial and operational realities of truck drivers but also possesses the nuanced knowledge of tax laws and regulations that apply.

This expertise can guide truckers through the maze of potential tax pitfalls, ensuring compliance, maximizing deductions, and minimizing the risk of IRS problems.

For truck drivers looking to navigate their tax obligations as smoothly as they navigate the roads, partnering with a dedicated trucking tax specialist is not just a wise choice—it’s essential.

Don’t let tax issues slow you down. Contact Paul Francetic, EA today, and take the first step toward resolving your tax challenges with confidence. As your trucking tax specialist, we’re here to ensure your financial journey is smooth and successful.

Why Team Up with Paul Francetic, EA?

Paul’s Experience: Having spent years behind the wheel, Paul knows firsthand the financial hurdles truck drivers face. This unique perspective drives our tailored approach to your tax needs.

Industry-Specific Solutions: We speak your language, focusing on deductions, credits, and tax strategies specifically beneficial for the trucking world.

Comprehensive Tax Services, Expanded for Truckers

  • Back Taxes and IRS Negotiations: Overwhelmed by back taxes? We’ll work with you to create a manageable plan to settle your tax debt and navigate IRS negotiations with the insight only a former trucker and tax expert could offer.
  • Proactive Tax Planning and Compliance: Avoid future tax surprises with our forward-looking tax planning services, ensuring you maximize your deductions and stay compliant with evolving tax laws.
  • Audit Defense: Should the IRS ever knock on your door, Paul and his team stand ready to defend your returns with a comprehensive understanding of trucking-related expenses and deductions.

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