I help you find relief from the IRS.

Francetic Tax Resolution specializes in helping individuals navigate tax issues and mediate with tax officials. I ease the process and bring relief and resolution to a very stressful situation.

Meet Paul Francetic

Founder of Francetic Tax Resolution

I started my tax practice in 2004. I have been an Enrolled Agent since March of 2005. I love helping people solve their tax issues with the IRS and state departments of revenue. This includes helping clients stay compliant with yearly tax return filings, but I specialize in helping clients who, for whatever reason, fell behind in their regular required tax filings and/or were not able to make the tax payments that were due with the filed tax returns. I realize life is hard enough to manage without having to deal with the stress and anxiety of the IRS or state department of revenue constantly sending letters about levying bank accounts, garnishing wages, and putting liens against property.

I take great pride in providing my clients with first class customer service, keeping them updated at least monthly about how their case is progressing, responding back to telephone calls and emails within 24 hours. I do all the work for my clients cases from beginning to end, I prepare all the required documents, make all the necessary phone calls to the tax agencies, call or email my clients personally with any questions or clarifications that I need. You will be dealing with only me, and not be handed off to any number of other people like the large firms and become just a number in their system.

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