While saving money is difficult for some and easy for others, we can all agree that doing what we can to put a little money aside can help us in the long term. Here are two ways you can get the most out of your savings.


There are multiple ways to open a savings account, but which is the best? If you want the highest interest rates and low (or no) fees, a high-yield savings account is your best choice. The main difference between this kind of account and a traditional savings account is the annual interest rate. While some brick-and-mortar banks do offer high-yield accounts, many — and those with the highest interest rates — are offered through online-only banks.

Why is it worth moving your money into a high yield account? They offer interest rates that are 20–25 times higher than traditional savings accounts. Whereas a savings account at a traditional bank may offer a 0.01% interest rate, a high-yield savings account offers rates between 1%–2.2%. So, if you put $10,000 in a traditional savings account with a 0.01% interest rate, then you’d earn $1 at the end of one year. But if you put the same amount into a high-yield savings account with a compounding interest rate of 1%, you would earn around $135 in one year.