As crazy as it sounds, 2020 was my busiest year ever. Apparently, when people can’t get together at movie theaters, restaurants, or concerts, they decide it’s time to solve their tax problems! It’s been a real honor to help so many of you negotiate with the IRS and file your tax returns over the last 12 months.

Given this big jump in work, when I sat down to think about this tax season, I realized I couldn’t do it all alone. I want to keep giving you the best possible service, so I decided to bring on another accountant to help me out with tax return filing and resolution work. It didn’t take long to realize that my older brother, John, was the perfect guy for the job.

John has been an accountant and bookkeeper for years, and he’s one of the most diligent, trustworthy people I know. It took some wrangling, but I talked him into leaving his part-time bookkeeping job and helping me out at Francetic Tax Resolution. I am lucky to have him!

John already had an accounting degree and years of experience. The only thing he hadn’t done was pass the IRS Enrolled Agent Exam, which would allow him to negotiate with the IRS on behalf of our clients. After quite a lot of studying, he passed all three parts of the exam on his first attempt, which is not easy to do. I know the studying seemed overwhelming to him at times, but I was so proud of how he handled the challenge of learning about something so complicated.