My friend Theresa Stolfi’s son, Justin, is on the autism spectrum. When Justin was a baby, he had trouble sleeping. Of course, this worried Theresa, so she racked her brain to come up with something that would help. She didn’t want to give Justin medicine or take him to the doctor without trying other options. Then, her dad reminded her about an old family remedy.

“When I talked to him, he said, ‘Just put a little peppermint oil on a rag and put it next to him in his bedroom,” she recalls

That night, Theresa followed her dad’s instructions, and guess what? It worked! She couldn’t believe it, so she tried it the next night, and it worked again. From there, Theresa started using essential oils to ease all kinds of discomfort, including sleeplessness, anxious feelings, head tension, and tummy troubles. She and Justin (who is now 25) still use them, and so does their dog, Druddigon!

As an adult, Justin pushed Theresa to sell essential oils to help other kids like him, and they went into business together. Today, they sell doTERRA oils and oil-infused products like shakes, fiber supplements, vitamins, shampoo, conditioner, and more through their brand Empower Natural ( Theresa told me that when they started teaching classes together, it was like being part of a mother-son comedy show. Justin jumped into the lecture every few minutes with advice.

Jokes aside, Theresa describes essential oils as a key part of every parent’s toolbox.

“There is so much we can do ourselves in our own homes before we go off to the doctor and go down that avenue,” she says, adding, “They’re literally pennies per drop. … Justin had a lot of ear infections, and I could take a couple drops of oil that cost less than 75 cents and put them around his ear to give him relief at 2 a.m.”

I’ve learned a lot about essential oils from Theresa, and she’s a great teacher! Since we’re friends, she’s offering 10 of my readers a free bottle of her Sweet Sleep oil blend. Call her at 650-409-6457 or email Theresa@EmpowerNatural. com to claim your bottle.