In January of 2020, I went cold turkey on sugar. I made the decision after loading up on cookies and brownie squares at a conference, then getting sick as a dog from the sweets on the plane ride home. It took seven days for my stomach to recover. Once I felt human again, I decided, “That’s it, I’m off the stuff!” But there’s one unhealthy thing I’ll probably never be able to quit: deep-fried onion rings.

I have a real penchant for onion rings, and there’s a particular kind I look for. When you pick up the perfect ring, it should be golden brown and covered in bubbles of smooth batter. Every bite must have a satisfying, slightly greasy crunch. Above all, the perfect onion ring needs to be deep-fried.

Here’s the truth: Good onion rings just aren’t good for you. Some restaurants sell rings coated in breadcrumbs instead of batter to be a little bit healthier, but I’m partial to splurging on the real deal: hot, fresh rings that come straight out of that delicious-yet-awful cooking oil. I’m not even ashamed.